Nevada's Caregiver Toolbox

The state of Nevada, through multiple collaborations is working hard to offer a range of tools to help support caregivers.  If you would like to know more about any of these programs or have general questions about services in Nevada for your loved one, please contact your local Resource Center

FAQ's from Caregivers

1. I cannot work because of my caregiving duties.  Is there financial assistance available to me for caring for my loved one?

Nevada does not have a program that provides funding specifically for family caregivers.  Some of the state services offered to older adults and people with disabilities may offer an opportunity to reduce the burden of caregiving so family caregivers can continue working or even go back to work. 

2. My loved one only wants me to provide personal care assistance.  How can I be paid for this work?

Several public programs have an option for individuals who request it, to select a family member to be their caregiver.  Once the individual is approved to receive services, the family member would have to apply for a job with one of the personal care agencies contracted with the state, then the individual would choose that agency to provide the services for them.  The family member is paid for the care they provide (within the approved number of hours offered through the program) through the contracted agency.  Note: Spouses and legal guardians are not eligible to be paid caregivers.  For more information about the public program options, contact your local Nevada Care Connection Resource Center

3. I am a caregiver for someone close to me, do I have to register in Nevada? 

No, there is not a caregiver registry in Nevada.  Only paid professional services must be licensed in Nevada.  If you want to open your own personal care agency or home health agency, consult with the Nevada Bureau of Healthcare Quality and Compliance for licensing requirements. 

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