Nevada PAS Training Center

Nevada PAS Training Center

This website and the accompanying online multimedia training were designed to provide training to personal assistants in Nevada. Although we have made every effort to make this as comprehensive as possible, this is not a substitute for getting hands on training with your supervisor.

Below is a comprehensive list of agencies who provide care in Nevada. This is not an endorsement of any of the care providers, but rather is provided as a tool to help you in your due diligence for finding a quality agency that fits your talents.

The list below is provided alphabetically. You can use the drop down menu to provide a more geographic selection.

What should you do as a PAS/PCA? What shouldn’t you do as a PAS/PCA? Recipient rights. PAS rights. CHP 1 CHP 2
General orientation to being a PAS/PCA. Orientation to the service plan, community and Medicaid DHCFP medical assistance program services. Basic compliance requirements of Medicaid. When to get help. How to handle a serious occurrence. What to report. {japopup type="iframe" content="" group1="thickbox" width="750" height="600"} CHAPTER 1 - ORIENTATION{/japopup} 1{japopup type="iframe" content="" group1="thickbox width="1750" height="600""} CHAPTER 1 - ORIENTATION{/japopup} CHP 2 CHP 3 CHP 4 CHP 5 {japopup type="iframe" content="" group1="thickbox" width="700" height="500"} TAKE THE QUIZ{/japopup}
Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Training Welcome to the Personal Assistance Services (PAS) training presented by the State of Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division. There are 14 modules. These modules are not meant to provide any certification as a personal assistance worker, however they do cover mandated topics for personal assistance workers. Remember that the information provided in this training is not a substitute for getting hands on training with your supervisor. Make sure you talk to them about any areas that you need additional training or guidance.


Select a topic then chapter to view the training material we offer.

01 - Orientation

02 - Do's & Don'ts

03 - Universal Precautions & Infection Control

04 - Grooming & Dressing

05 - Bathing & Hygiene

06 - Bowel, Bladder & Skin Care

07 - Body Mechanics, Transferring & Mobility

08 - Household Safety & Accident Prevention

09 - Nutrition & Food Preparation

10 - Basic Communication Skills, Patient Rights, Confidentiality, and Advanced Directive

11 - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

12 - General Awareness: Aging & Disability

13 - Consumer Abuse or Neglect

14 - Assistive Technology

Information on blood borne pathogens and infection control procedures (including hepatitis). CHP 1 CHP 2

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