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Training for Caregivers

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Training for Caregivers

The State of Nevada, Aging and Disability Services has created this learning path for unpaid caregivers. If you need some tips and tricks to help you in your care giving role, this is the place for you.

Each module covers an important aspect of care giving and will help you to feel confident in your role as a caregiver. You may find these modules helpful if you have just started your care giving role or even if you have been a caregiver for several years.

If you need any additional help as a caregiver, you can contact one of our local Aging and Disability Resource Centers.


Caregiver Training

Most modules have multiple chapters, view them all or just a couple... it's your choice!

Do's & Don'ts

Basic orientation of caregiving do’s and don’ts.  This training goes over how to handle a serious occurrence, what to report a
Video Chapter One - Introduction & Non-Permissible Medical Procedures
Video Chapter Two - Non-Permissible Medical Procedures
Video Chapter Three - Things You Should Do
Video Chapter Four - Conclusion

Nutrition & Food Preparation

This training provides information regarding preparing balanced meals, special dietary needs or restrictions, proper handling and storage of food and guidelines for hydration.
Video Chapter One - Introduction
Video Chapter Two - Safety in Food Preparation
Video Chapter Three - More Than Food
Video Chapter Four - Assisting with Eating
Video Chapter Five - Hydration
Video Chapter Six - Conclusion

Basic Communication Skills, Patient Rights, Confidentiality, and Advanced Directive

This training contains techniques on how to share information with individuals who require alternative modes of communication. Information will illustrate some common difficulties identified in communication and strategies to address obstacles to effective communication. Also included will be training regarding patient rights, confidentiality & advanced directives.
Video Chapter One - Introduction & Hearing Loss
Video Chapter Two - Aphasia
Video Chapter Three - Alzheimer's or Dementia
Video Chapter Four - Conclusion

Grooming & Dressing

This training contains information on proper grooming procedures. You will also find suggestions, mobility techniques & guidelines for dressing the recipient.
Video Chapter One - Introduction & Caring for the Hands
Video Chapter Two - Shaving & Brushing and Combing Hair
Video Chapter Three - Caring for the Mouth
Video Chapter Four - Dressing and Undressing Your Client & Make-Up
Video Chapter Five - Conclusion

Bathing & Hygiene

Body Mechanics, Transferring & Mobility

Bowel, Bladder & Skin Care

This training contains information on catheter care, bowel programs, infection identification and control, and common bowel problems to help identify these problems in the early stages. This module will also cover skin care including, prevention of pressure sores & routine inspections of skin.
Video Chapter One - Introduction, Toileting, and Urinals & Bedpans
Video Chapter Two - Emptying a Foley Catheter Bag
Video Chapter Three - Pressure Ulcers
Video Chapter Four - Preventing Pressure Ulcers
Video Chapter Five - Conclusion


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