Lifespan Respite I&R Learning Path

Information and Referral for Respite

Training for service providers to help them identify caregivers, recognize the need for respite and begin the respite conversation.



This portion of the training will help you identify caregivers, even when they don't recognize themselves as a caregiver.  We will also introduce you to what respite is and why it is important.  There are three chapters in Part I.



Part I - Chapter 01 Video
Part I - Chapter 02 Video
Part I - Chapter 03 Video


Now you know how to recognize caregivers and what respite it. Take Part II to learn about the impact of caregiving and the risk of caregiver burnout. There is only one video for Part II.



Part II Video


The final part of the Information and Referral for Respite module will teach you what it takes to get caregivers to respite. We also provide some resources for caregivers to get the assistance they need.  There are two chapters in Part III.



Part III - Chapter 01 Video
Part III - Chapter 02 Video


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